About us

We at EUMEPRO have set ourselves the goal to manufacture medical protective equipment in Germany according to the highest quality standards.
Being competitive internationally is a challenge that we are happy to take on.

We manufacture filtering half masks "FFP2" and "FFP3" as well as medical face masks fully automatic in Leingarten near Heilbronn. The protective masks are certified according to EU regulation 2016/425 and the regulations EN 149:2001 and EN 14683.


We started our production in July 2020. Initially, we are concentrating on the production of medical face masks. At full capacity, our plants produce 700 million units per year. From the 4th quarter 2020, the production of our filtering half-masks "FFP2" and "FFP3" will start.The full capacity of our facilities is 300 million units per year.


Our manufacturing site is in Baden-Württemberg / Germany. Our primary material comes from industrial machinery of a major German manufacturers. They are operated by our material suppliers in Germany. It goes without saying that our protective mask production systems and packaging systems also come from leading German machine manufacturers.
In short, everything is "Pure Made in Germany"!


We sell our products all over the world. They help people who help each other. Regardless of nationality, skin color, gender, age or religion.

EUMEPRO – U protect me